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ISIS today is understood in many different ways and from many different points of view.

The women of ISIS are perceived as the stereotypes of the traditional women in the Middle Eastern society. They are not feminists and many have the traditional view that the husband goes and fights for their beliefs while the woman takes care of household for him, an idea which we can today refer to as “retro- feminism”.

Many of the ISIS members reject their Westphalian status as well, by carrying out actions such as burning passports and insulting the Western, or even just Westphalian, ideals. A tragic side of ISIS which is not spoken about enough in the media and the news is the danger those same women undergo everyday as entire communities are becoming traumatised by ISIS and as women are becoming sex slaves of the ISIS fighters.

Another outlook towards ISIS can be considered the one undertaken by Iraqi people. Iraqi people tend to view the formation of ISIS as a creation made by the United States, Israel and the “devil”, a new creature whom they have to fight against and exterminate.

There are many different views and perceptions about ISIS and how they have developed as well as who has helped them become what they have become. Many of these perceptions come from nations that surround ISIS camps and that have to live with the potential threat and danger of this terrorist group every day of their lives.

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