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The role women are playing in the ISIS insurgency nowadays is heavily contested and debated upon. Some say their role is continuously increasing and women are actually taking on military roles which were once only designated to the men members of ISIS.

In October 2017 the Islamic State newspaper called on their women to prepare for battle, fighting side by side with the men. Before, in the caliphate, it was tradition that the men would go out to fight while the women were supposed to stay home and raise their children, this has began to change. In some cases within the Islamic state, some women have been found to be even more dedicated and radical than their husbands, wanting to go on the battle fields and fighting for their beliefs and ideologies. In some other cases it is desperation or the need for revenge that leads them to the battle field to fight alongside the men, in some cases women have no other choice at all. From this we can evidently see a change in the Islamic State’s beliefs of gender roles and security, calling for the need of all members to fight in their battle.

Nevertheless, other sources say that women are heavily trying to escape the Islamic State and the dangers of fighting this battle with their own men. The women who are held in dangerous conditions, in some cases even with their own children, are wanting to escape and even leave their husbands in order to look for protection.

It is evident that in the case of women’s role in the Islamic State and within the group of ISIS there are many contrasting views and different opinions to what the actual role of these women is and how voluntary it can be considered to be. Attention needs to be payed to the role of women in the Islamic State and how it is developing overtime as human rights are becoming of colossal importance and women’s rights are evolving all around the world.

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