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Members of the ISIS terrorist organisation have various common feature which allow them to identify with this new group and swear their loyalty to it. To understand ISIS these common features of its members have to be analysed and understood.

The ISIS Flag

Common features of the members of ISIS are that the members are mostly French and British instead of Pakistani or Bangladeshi, the members never really grew up in strictly religious households, and for the most part they lived in the worst parts of their metropole, areas such as in ghettos and poor parts of the city. The members of terrorist organisations such as ISIS never really had a home culture and are usually in some kind of socially- exclusionary zones, for example they tend to be British and French nationals but who have not advanced in British and French society. Nevertheless a third equation should be considered when looking at these common features, as these three main common features do not automatically mean that a person will join ISIS. Members who eventually join extreme terrorist groups such as ISIS are usually people who did not grow up in religious households, are usually socially and economically deprived and who have also had some kind of experience with law- enforcement or who have had to take part in some kind of crime such as petty crime, dealing drugs or theft.

Once they have reached this third equation that’s when they find religion. This entire generation are known as “reborn Muslims”, people who find their faith later in life and usually turn to a more fake and more radical type of religion than their parents’ generation, so that when they embrace faith, they are revolting against their parents’ Islam. This radical way of turning to their faith is done by joining ISIS. Foreign fighters coming from Europe, usually demographic they belong to: Paris and London. It can be said that it is usually this transitional generation, the second generation, that become foreign fighters who join ISIS. This entire formula can be considered a product of post- colonialism, of the breakdown of the Middle Eastern system by the European superpowers in the 19th and 20th century.

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